Raffa's profile picture on Sourceforge.

Raffa is the leader of the original LUNI Project. Along with co-owner Nealybealy, he managed the Sourceforge page for LUNI. He has currently abandoned the project altogether due to his previous conflicts with Timtech.

Sourceforge History Edit

Raffa created the first post on the Sourceforge forums on August 10, 2011. Since then, he has posted 130 times as of April 2, 2015, and he shut down his version of the project on March 27, 2015.

Timtech VS. Raffa Edit

Timtech officially joined the LUNI Project forums on January 16, 2014, responding to darwinanimator8's comment of what he called a "copyright smackdown." Later, on January 30, 2014, Jon002 uploaded a broken server to the public, sparking the first of many heated altercations between Jon002/Timtech and Raffa505/Nealybealy/sim553/darwinanimator8. Somewhere between January 16 and February 7, 2014, Timtech allegedly took credit for all LUNI Project information on his site, prompting an accusation from Nealybealy on February 7. Raffa threatened to close SVN Repo to developers only, and after Nealybealy and sim553 agreed with him due to a comment from Timtech, Jon002 defended Tim, stating that he did credit the LUNI Team. This sparked a conflict between Neal and Jon, and after much argument, Tim decided he would leave the forums in order to prevent any more damage from being done. However, after another allegation that him and Jon were the same person was given by Raffa, Tim returned around 27 minutes later to scoff at this allegation. Raffa restated Neal's allegation 4 days later. Somewhere between this date and March 11, 2014, Raffa claimed to have filed a lawsuit against Timtech concerning a DCMA notice and the GCP. Timtech filed a legal counter-notice, claiming that all of the files were open source. Somewhere between this date and June 14, 2014, Raffa posted a comment to, which was denied. Raffa claimed that this was censorship. He deleted all of Tim's comments from his forum as well as create "new forums" (an excuse to delete the old ones). Tim never replied. The final altercation between Raffa and Tim occured on June 16, 2014, in which Tim agreed to stop hosting his public server. He left the forum and 6 months later, all activity on the forum ceased. However, on March 27, 2015, Raffa finally shut down the Sourceforge project in response to Tim's donations for a public server, among other reasons. The site was deleted soon after.

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